A study in peanut butter

Aside from always wanting a Barbie Dreamhouse, I can’t say I have always been particularly attuned to furniture. It’s a love that came on later in life.

Growing up though, I recall my parents being fairly preoccupied with paint. When I was around five or six, they painted our living room forest green. It was a very nice color. In fact, I have something similar in my own living room now. However, in our Spanish Colonial revival home in California, I remember them going for a faux-painted look later on that, well, ended in tragedy. It looked more like peanut butter that had been smeared on the walls than stucco or marble or whatever it was supposed to look like (they did have it repainted).

Decorating mistakes are easy to make, whether it’s believing the painter who says that the faux-whatever is going to look fantastic or choosing a trendy dining room table. The thing about furniture is that it’s a lot more expensive to change than paint. That’s why choosing great basics so important.

This was part of the idea behind our new Essentials Collection. For under $10,000 including delivery and set-up, the Essentials Collection provides a bedroom, a dining room and an office that are designed to grow with you, your family and your home. For example, the office is compact enough to go into a corner of a condo living room when you’re just starting out and good enough quality to serve as the backbone of a home office later on, unlike some of the furniture made of “engineered wood” available out there.

Do you have a decorating tragedy in your past?

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