A Peep’s Eye View into an Apeepment on M St.

Semi-Finalist in the Washington Post Peep Contest!

Peepwood Artisans Logo

Peepwood Artisans Logo

Peep! Peep!  It is amazing all of the words you can make a Peep pun out of.  Peepwood Artisans, Peeplydes, Murpeepy beds, peepsters – we have been rolling on the floor laughing at how Peeplarious the word Peep can be.

We advertise in the Washington Post Magazine every week and for years have been laughing at the Peep contest they host every year. My background is in interior architecture and I spent years in school building tiny little models with exact-o blades and glue.  My co-worker and one of our very talented furniture designers, Katie has a similar background.  We decided to make the jump and enter the Peep contest with Peepwood Artisans delivering furniture to Peeptown (Georgetown) to an apeepment on top of Peeplyde’s. (See what I’m talking about with the Peep puns?).

After our planning phase we went onto getting the structure built. Here is our AutoCAD drawing of the box the shop built for us.

We painted the peep box the shop built for us

We used a large assortment of colors. The “carpet” is actually pieces of felt. We thought a nice green would work well on the walls

We had a difficult time finding the right delivery truck. Our first try was an attempt to make a Hello Kitty ice cream delivery truck into our but the bows were too hard to get rid of.

A big thanks to Lorelei Hillgren for all of her work doing the graphic design. Here are the windows we made for “Peeplyde’s”

We had way too much fun with Marilyn Peeproe.

Not to mention Modern Peeps had to make an appearance.

Our favorite photo work was done by using one of our owners Kevin Carlson. He is shown on the back of our delivery trucks sitting in a drawer. Now he is a Peep.

The pieces of our Peep project came together slowly.  We had a game plan but the details we discovered in the process of making it were what really made us shine. Making clothes for the Peeps really gave us a laugh.

Check out these peepsters (hipsters) in Peeptown

Here is the description we submitted to the contest, with a few extra peep pictures for peeplaughs:

 M Street in Peeptown has been bustling for generations.  Apeepments in this area can be small, with tall ceilings, crown molding and lots of excitement.  This McPeep family is having an interesting afternoon in their apeepment above Peeplyde’s.  To save space the family purchased a Murpeepy bed to fold down and accommodate guests when they come to visit.  The youngest Peep – Patrick McPeep was playing around with the Murpeepy bed and got stuck in it!  Mrs. McPeep is calling the peepamedics to come save poor Patrick.

 The rest of the McPeep family barely notices her since they are watching Modern Peep and eating cookies. The living room holds pots and spices since the apeepement’s kitchen is so tiny.

Marilyn Peeproe is hung on the wall since according to Mr. McPeep, “She never goes out of style.”  Down on M street two hipsters or peepsters as they are more commonly called are checking out the scene after eating a delicious meal at Peeplyde’s.  The furniture company Peepwood Artisans is struggling to fit a large table up the small Peeptown hallways while their truck sits in the street backing up traffic.  Down the alleyway we see a Peep getting his evening started early.

Our peep piece will be on display through April in our Shirlington Showroom.  Starting May 18th through June 24th you can view it at Artomatic in Crystal City Virginia.

A special thanks to Lois Gloor for the professional photos we submitted to the contest.

And to Mark Gatterdam and Shaun Pierce for building the Murpeepy Bed.

Have a great day!

Julianne Yurek

Director of Marketing

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